Our Team

Kyte team is powered by hackers and builders who are great at shipping & scaling products.
Here are some of our contributors:
Shivraj Goswami
Founder Leads product & growth
  • Active in web3 since 2021
  • 2x Founder - MetaScale: Marketing & community agency for NFT & Metaverse project - Konnektr: Community powered decentralized social on Lens & XMTP. Supported and hyped up by the lens ecosystem. Failed.
  • Early contributor in XMTP Labs
  • Worked with many companies like Ratofy, Zuraverse, etc.
  • Evangelist of crypto & decentralization
  • Twitter
We are currently hiring for several positions as well. Drop a DM at @shivrxj on telegram with your proof of work and what role you are interested it :)
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