Protect your project from bots and automated threats

SuperHuman lets users effortlessly prove their humanity in just a few clicks & using invisible challenges without requiring complex actions.

SuperHuman's API & Infrastructure makes it easy to prevent any Sybil attacks in any of the following problems that are very common in the industry:

  1. Quest reward looting

  2. Airdrop farming

  3. Faucet looting

  4. P2E game failures

  5. NFT Scalping

  6. Governance Failures

How is it different?

  1. Anti-plutocratic: Existing solutions are highly capital intensive and the concentration of capital inevitably gives rise to centralization. This is what we are trying to solve with SuperHuman by making it fair for every individual and preventing such oligopolistic and monopolistic structures.

  2. Tuned for Adoptation: Current solution lack proper mass adoptation plans/mechanisms, they are just meant for the web3 degens who have been in the space for quite sometime. We make it easy for any individual, even directly coming from a web2 background, effortlessly prove their humanity.

  3. Cross chain with multi-accounting.

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