Kyte Campaigns

Using our Platform & Growth SDKs with anti-bot management, you can grow your project in every way possible. Customize quests & campaigns according to your requirements and drive growth in all aspects of your project:

  1. Scale product users

  2. Grow your community

  3. Launch loyalty programs

  4. Grow your on-chain actions

Using our battle tested questing infrastructure, you can target your audience, customize you campaigns according to you needs, filter out bots, grow in all aspects and make sure rewards go to your loyal and real users and not the bots :)

Our platform's v0.2 is experimentally live at -

Problems we are solving which makes us different

  1. Sybil attacks on quests/campaigns.

  2. Lack of customizations for project.

  3. In-dept user targeting based on user's on-chain footprint.

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